St. Angela's Green Dreams

In July 2017 we launched our Green Dreams Appeal, the sole purpose of which is to raise funds to make our campus beautiful, green and usable by teachers and children.  Click on the image to the left for a pdf file of the Green Dreams Newsletter.

The demolition of the church, convent and rectory have left a great space on the St. Angela School campus, one that challenges and excites us.  It is an opportunity for us to make changes to our campus that will make a dramatic difference in the school lives of our children.  It offers us expansive play space, "outdoor classroom" space, and a garden to commemorate beloved people of our community, past and present.

Funding this project will be challenging for St. Angela School and was launched in July 2017:  Green Dreams!   The Green Dreams initiative will not replace the fall annual appeal since the proceeds from that venture are necessary for operating expenses. We invite your participation -- and request your investment -- in any of several ways.   Please do not hesitate to contact our advancement office at 773.626.2655 or if you have questions.)

The Brick Program

Bricks are sold for $125 (4 by 8 inches) and $250 (8 by 8 inches).  All bricks will be the "regimental red" shown in the picture to the right.  These are new bricks, not recycled bricks from the demolished buildings.  They will "planted" at St. Angela in batches of 50 to 100, most likely twice a year, depending on demand.  Smaller bricks allow three lines of up to 20 characters each; larger bricks allow six lines of the same size.  Bricks can be purchased online, in person at St. Angela School, or by mail.  For details, including order forms, please proceed to the Memorial Bricks page.

Let Our Garden Grow

Trees first.  To make a beautiful space, to keep our children safe, and to provide shade for our buildings we estimate that we will need at least 30 to 40 trees.  (This includes trees for the current play space on Massasoit and trees for Cunningham Hall.  And once again, this is not our final plan.)


Would you like to plant a tree?  A St. Angela tree (2.5 inches and guaranteed for a year) will cost $600.  Working with landscape architects, we carefully will select an assortment of trees and place them strategically. 

And other growing things. The Archdiocese has paid for the demolition and will provide some of the sand / soil required; we are hopeful they will help with the perimeter fence.  It is up to us to build the vision that we have for the scholars of St. Angela.  The plan at this point is to continue to lay sod enough for a soccer field; to have a hardscape patio and path; to use mulch for a play / fitness area for older children.  When we have details we will share them (have we said that?) but for now, we will welcome all gifts to make our garden grow. 

You can add trees or other growing things to your brick order form, or you can "purchase" them without any accompanying paperwork, at our Giving page.


To pay by check:

  • Tree or growing things:  Mail your check to St. Angela School, 1332 N. Massasoit, Chicago, IL 60651.  Please send to the attention of Lynn Fredrick.

  • Brick or brick and tree.  Download a brick order form for easy brick design. Mail it, with your check, to St. Angela School, 1332 N. Massasoit, Chicago, IL 60651.  Please indicate on the envelope that it contains a brick order.

To pay with credit card:


  • Pay for your brick online with this link and either send the order form in an email or use the "special notes" box on the linked page to send the text you'd like engraved.  (We don't recommend using the "special notes" box if your message is long or complicated but we can help you figure out something that works.) 

Then what happens?

Bricks ordered before February 10th, the first batch of bricks, will be planted in April 2018 and blessed later in spring as part of a small ceremony to which you and your family will be invited.  You'll want to see your parcel of St. Angela land!



Dear Friends,

Since we announced in January that St. Angela church, convent and rectory would be demolished this summer, we have heard from many alumni: sad, angry, some of them philosophical about change and loss. I understand. I know what it is to let go of things and places that were the backdrop for your life, particularly when you were a child.

But my ministry, and the only ministry left to the St. Angela community now, is to the children who make it their school home. I am sad that a beautiful church is gone. And I am thrilled that we have the opportunity to make a beautiful space for our scholars to play. That we can plant trees that will shade their classrooms, plant grass for them to sit on, and a natural, pretty place in which they can start and end their days.

We will replace vacant buildings with things that grow, and concrete with things that are alive.

So we invite you all to see how they see this change: it is exciting! It is a chance to make our school beautiful. And, no, while it is not what we would have wished for (another marvelous church gone?), it is wonderful for these children.

We hope that you can be glad, be hopeful for them. Celebrate that St. Angela School remains a force for good in the Austin neighborhood and that our scholars will be able to plant a garden, kick a ball around and read a book in the shade.

Perhaps when the dust has settled you can come read with them!


God bless,

Sr. Maryellen Callahan, RSM, President

Special brick placement opportunities


Because there are several people / groups in the St. Angela world who we anticipate being popular foci for brick messages, we have designated areas of the brick garden that will be dedicated to those individuals.  Each of those spaces will be named with a larger brick, indicating the special "neighborhood."  Thus, if you want your brick included in that area, you don't have to include the name in your engraving. 

For example, there will be a Patrick Mahoney Circle.  If your brick is given in memory of Pat, you need not include his name in your message -- of course you can, you just don't have to.  It will be planted in proximity to those others who have chosen.

The areas that we currently have planned:

The Patrick Mahoney Circle

Sr. Maryellen's Garden

Sr. Mary Finnegan Way

Mary Kay O'Rourke's Classroom

Friends of St. Angela Parish

Jack Jordan's Gym

We have chosen these because we expect that there will be twenty or more engraved bricks for each of these areas.  If you have ideas about other special designations, please contact us.

If you have a small group of family or friends who would like to have their bricks grouped together let us know; we should be able to accommodate those requests without difficulty. 

And if you are interested in adding a particular element to our gardens, please contact us.  There will be many trees and a few benches with memorial plaques.  Stay tuned for details about those opportunities.

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