Funding Guide

Gifts to these funds may be made by check or made online.  Online gifts may be set up as recurring payments, so that, for example, a contribution of $1,200 is paid in $100 increments over the course of a year.  We appreciate your support to any fund at any level but are happy to make some suggestions as to how we would use your gift, should you decide to restrict it to one of our named funds.


Your gift to the Patrick Mahoney Charitable Fund to Benefit St. Angela helps school families in these ways:

  • A gift of $1,800 pays tuition for one child for one semester.

  • A gift of $3,600 pays tuition for one child for one year.

  • A gift of $5,400 pays tuition for two children in one family for one yea

Gifts to the Mahoney Fund can also be designate for program or facility.  The St. Angela Board determines the best current use for the fund.  Please contact Bruce Schooler, Principal, if you have questions about a gift to the Mahoney Fund.


Your gift to the Mary Kay O'Rourke Fund helps young O'Rourke Prep scholars in these ways:

  • A gift of $230 purchases science materials for one student for one year

  • A gift of $850 pays for graduation fees for one classroom

  • A gift of $600 would fund an after-school enrichment program for one quarter.

Your gift to the General Fund helps St. Angela in these ways:

  • A gift of $40 pays for materials and fees for testing for one child. 

  • A gift of $880 pays for materials and fees for testing an average sized classroom.

  • A gift of $200 replaces one Chromebook.  We usually replace 18 Chromebooks each year.

  • A gift of $3,600 would cover the full replacement cost for the 18.

  • A gift of $850 covers the average cost of tuition to one of the excellent professional development programs that are available in the Chicago area for our faculty.   DePaul, Loyola, Xavier, Dominican, Concordia are just a few of the colleges that offer outstanding workshops to facilitate ongoing learning.


Your gift to the Jack & Marty Jordan Fund helps St. Angela in these ways:

  • A gift of $1,120 pays for St. Angela's fees for the Classic League (basketball)

  • A gift of $150 pays for athletic and uniform fees for a young athlete

  • A gift of $400 pays for an athletic clinic for our Wildcats


For more information about investing in St. Angela or to come visit, please contact Donna O'Meara, Director of  Advancement;  Bruce Schooler, Principal; or Sister Maryellen Callahan RSM, President, at 773.626.2655.

Giving Report 2019.  Click on the image to link to the pdf of the document

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