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It is our goal to tell on these pages, eventually, as much of the story of St. Angela as we can.  Can you help?   We want to be sure we have contact information for all of you so that we can stay in touch, yes, but also to be sure that we have full records.  If you went to school at St. Angela you are for now and forever part of our story.  Please use the form below right to contact us whether it is to send us information or to ask us questions. 


Check out the history that we have on the following page -- and send us your own stories.  We'd love to build a page just to hear what you have to say.


Look at the alumni records page and see if you can help find some of the folks we are missing.  Or download the list of those for whom we have an alumni designation but no class year.  (A way to pass the time during a big family dinner!)  Or tell us who your family could help identify (classes from the 70s?  the 50s?) and we will see to it that you know who it is we can't find.


Do you run into classmates all the time -- in Orland Park, or Naperville, or Wrigleyville?  We can help you set up a casual St. Angela gathering out in your zipcode -- give us the zipcode and we'll help with the planning and the invitation list.


In short, we'd love to have your help building the St. Angela alumni program that is the touchstone for your memories of growing up on the West side.

Send us a note!

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