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The Sisters of Providence

Sisters of Providence May

A visit to the archives of the Sisters of Providence at St. Mary of the Woods in Terre Haute, Indiana provided us with a look at the history of St. Angela as seen by the sisters who built the community.  Click on the image above to open a four page newsletter that was sent mid-May to those for whom we have home mailing addresses.  If you did not receive it, but would like to be included in future mailings please fill out the form below.

To open any of the files listed below, please click on the name of the file to open a pdf.

Sisters who served St. Angela School

In Memory of Sr. Francis Maureen, SP 

The closing of the convent

Catholic New World 2004

The sisters arrived mid-August each year to prepare to welcome the children back to school.  Here are images of just a few of them, some images from the past, some more current.

St. Angela in the news

Whether it was the leadership of Sr. Francis Maureen, the changes of Vatican II, the involvement of parents -- there was a flury of St. Angela in the newspapers in the late 60s and early 70s.  An accordian band!  Who knew?  There was other news, though, stories about two famous alumni, the death of a beloved leader, a new buiding!

Find A Sister!


Are you looking for news of, or an obituary for, a particular Sister of Providence?  We're pleased to direct you to a wonderful resource provided by the Sisters:  a "find a Sister" search option on their website.  While you're there, spend a little time learning about their current ministry, the story of their new associates program, and their amazing mission work in China!

School newsletter

St. Angela School Newsletter circa 1967_

Campus photos

Click on the image above to open a pdf of a school newsletter, circa 1967.  (Please let us know if you have a specific date!) This sort of outreach was typical of Sr. Francis Maureen's leadership -- and also suggests that she was beginning to understand the need to market her school now that the faculty included more lay teachers and school were costs far higher that they had been previously.  This is the story of Catholic schools throughout Chicago and the country:  vocations declined after Vatican II; the Baby Boom faded; the need for tuition increased; enrollment gradually dropped from its peak in 1963.  At St. Angela our enrollment that year was 1,335.  (The peak enrollment is usually 1963-64; the largest class is generally the class of 1966.)

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