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Alumni from the early 1980s, led by Patty Dassinger Henek ('81), siblings and friends, invite you to become one of the Grads Giving Back to St. Angela.  The Grads initial goal is to raise $3,000 for continued development of outdoor play and garden space, aka Green Dreams.   

Your donation will be held in a special fund, one which will be used on a Green Dream project, as a collective class gift from the 80s grads to future classes.

And yes!  Your contribution to this fund is fully tax 

deductible, and will be part of the funds matched by the Raskob Foundation during the summer of 2018.  Questions?  Please contact Patty at  No questions?  Just donate here.

Wow!  Kudos to Carol Owens, Class of 1981, for her role in helping the Notre Dame women's basketball team win the National Championship for 2018. Carol is the Associate Head Coach of the Fighting Irish.  From St. Angela Carol went to Notre Dame for Girls in Chicago and then to Northern Illinois University.

Carol's got an amazing resume, including these three honors: induction into the Illinois High School Hall of Fame; the Northern Illinois University Athletic Hall of Fame; and the Illinois Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame. 

To read more about the story of Carol's basketball journey follow this link to the Notre Dame University website



Once again the Jordan family gathered with old friends and classmates to raise money for St. Angela.  Proceeds benefit the Jordan fund for athletic and enrichment activities.  The bash is a long tradition begun by the late Marty Jordan, class of 1977, who died in an accident in Lake Michigan in 2001.  Marty had organized many fundraising events for charities, including St. Angela. Since his tragic death his family has carried on the tradition in his name.

The event includes food, raffles, lots of reconnections among old friends -- and yes, bowling!

This year, the $3,000 plus raised at the Bash will help with the cost of the athletic aspects of the new green space at St. Angela, specifically, the soccer field and the fitness course for junior high students.  Many happy teachers and students say thank you to all the bowlers!


Dan, Maureen Jordan (Marty's widow)
Sharon Peggy Gladys
Patsy Jordan Fox 66 Ray Fox
Mike 72 Patty 74 Korney & daughter
Mike Beirne 75, Dan Nallon 75, Tim
Dino Zurolo 74, friend Bill
Marty Calkins Jake Jordan 68
Mary Ann Maureen Patsy
Mary Ann Conrick Jordan
Peter 74 Matt 73 Dave 76 Meade
Diane DiGangi 73 Mary Ann 73



Alumni and friends are invited to join the Jordan family at Circle Lanes in Forest Park at 6:30 Saturday, February 11 to celebrate the late Marty Jordan's life, gather with old friends and classmates and raise money for St. Angela.  Proceeds benefit the Jordan fund for athletic and enrichment activities.  Help put us over the $5,000 mark this year.


To get to the electronic invitation, click here.  To contribute to the Jordan fund click here and be sure to designate the Bowling Bash. 

Marty, class of 1977, died in an accident in Lake Michigan in 2001.  Marty had organized many fundraising events for charities, including St. Angela.  Since his tragic death his family has carried on the tradition in his name.

To the right, photos of the fun from the 2016 outing.

The St. Angela Class of 1946 held their 70th Class Reunion on September 10 at a luncheon in Cunningham Hall.  Although the building did not exist yet in '46, the friends enjoyed the chance to visit their old neighborhood and learn more about the people and programs at St. Angela today. 

Nine classmates gathered and were joined by friends for this celebration.  They have been getting together at least once a year since they graduated from St. Angela.  They brought with them some wonderful photos from their grade school days (see the Alumni Gallery) and left behind not only a priceless taste of our history but a very generous investment in our future.

If your class has been gathering please send us photos -- and news of your classmates.  We can help you with your party if you'd like.

Friends for more than 70 years!
Class of 46 20 years ago!
The Class of 46 enjoys lunch
Class of 46 and a few friends.

Brother Martin (Michael) Spellman, Class of 1946, came to visit St. Angela to talk about arranging a reunion for his classmates -- their 70th!  Brother Martin spent most of his life in other corners of the world:  30 years in Latin America and eight in Africa.  He is glad to be home in Chicago with his sister. The Class of 1946 had reunions at 50 years and at 60 and had good turnouts for both of those. 

Augie Genovesi, Class of 1965, came to speak to the junior high about his experiences at St. Angela, growing up in the Austin neighborhood and to tell them about his work at Notre Dame College Prep in Skokie.  Augie works in the Advancement Office but is also the wrestling coach for Notre Dame.  He's served in this role for 35 years and was elected to the Illinois Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2015.

Several alumni visited during National Children's Book Week to read to our scholars.  Darwanna McDonald Flowers and Owens Shelby, ('96), Michelle Cousins ('01), Lawanna McDonald, ('03) and Sable Gardner ('05) each enjoyed reconnecting with Sr. Maryellen and visiting their old classrooms. 


Early in March, St. Angela alumni gathered to reminisce and walk through the halls that they left twenty years ago.  Bridget Adams and Alexis Morris organized the party and about 20 of their classmates came together in Cunningham Hall to join them. 


Bridget had this to say in summary of their conversations, "Those twenty years flew by.   St. Angela embedded in our minds great virtues like hard work, honesty, and courage.   We parted with this knowledge which still follows us today. We will always carry in our minds the sweet memories of school-life and having no responsibility. Those memories will continue to be shared and cherished as we continue our journey through life.  The St. Angela halls will always be special to the class of 1996."


If you are interested in helping pull your classmates together for a party please contact the Development Office by calling 773.626.2655 or sending an email to Lynn Fredrick.  We cannot do it all for you but we can help make it really easy!



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