In 1965, above, class photos were taken in the classroom.  By 1970, below left, composite pictures showed individual students.  And the world had invented color!  The composite photos  don't include eighth grade classrooms.  We do have graduation pictures but many are too large to be scanned by an office sized scanner.  If you have a flat bed scanner and would like to help enlarge our gallery please let us know.  Double click on an image to get a full-screen version.

The Class of 1946 brought an outstanding group of photos from their personal archives so that we could share them with all friends and alumni of St. Angela.  If your class has photos, particularly class photos or casual shots that help us get a sense of school life while you were at St. Angela please share them with us.  Scan them if you can but these shots are pictures we took of the originals -- that can work, too.

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