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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the school day?

Our school day begins at 7:45 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m.


Is there an after-school program?
Yes.  Our after-school program is run by St. Joseph Services and costs $5 per day.  Children receive a snack, have some time to play in the gym and are given ample time to do some homework.  We also have clubs that meet after-school; all students, whether they are in after-care or not, may participate in the club activities.


Is the after-school care available on days off? 
No, it isn’t.  During vacations St. Joseph offers special camp sessions; you will learn more about those opportunities as the vacations approach.

What is the typical class size and student/teacher ratio at St. Angela School?
Most classes include about twenty students.  Our maximum class size is 25 students.


When are applications for admission to St. Angela School accepted?
We have an ongoing enrollment system until our classroom is full.


How do we pay tuition at St. Angela?
We use the FACTS management system.  When you register your child you set up an account with FACTS and then pay your tuition through them.  A full description of how the FACTS system works is available for all parents.


Are there fees in addition to tuition?
Yes.  There is a registration fee of $150 and a FACTS fee of $25. 


Is there tuition assistance available?
Yes.  We encourage all families to fill out the forms for tuition assistance.  Aid is distributed by need and by the availability of aid funds.  The majority of our families receive aid.


What is the priority for acceptance for students at St. Angela School?
There is no priority system for acceptance other than students with siblings already enrolled at St. Angela will be accepted before students who are new to the school.  Other than that stipulation, which is based on available space, we accept students who are at or near grade level whose needs we will be able to meet.


Does St. Angela have any “specials” like art or a foreign language?
Yes.  Students have classes in art, music and Spanish.  All students have gym daily.  Our technology program uses Chromebooks and iPads in addition to the computers in the computer lab.


What type of lunch program does St. Angela School have?
We use the FSP (Food Service Professionals) program.   FSP offers nutritional and tasty meals; all lunches are free.


Do students at St. Angela wear uniforms?
Yes, girls wear navy skirts, white blouses or polo shirts.  Girls may wear navy pants beginning in November.  Boys wear navy pants, a white button down collar shirt or a white polo shirt.  All students wear navy St. Angela vests, brown or black dress shoes and white or black socks.


Do you have to be Catholic to attend St. Angela?
We welcome student of all faiths and students do not have to be Catholic to attend. School prayer services are held monthly, each service directed by a different grade.


Does St. Angela have an extracurricular program?
Yes.  Students are invited to take part in various clubs and in the athletic program which includes soccer, volleyball and basketball teams for boys and for girls.


How can I find out how my child is doing in school?
The faculty at St. Angela encourages parental involvement and offers information about your child’s progress via in person meetings, phone calls, email and through the classroom page of the school’s website.  Parents receive bi-weekly reports so that they and their scholars know of the progress the student is making.  Learn more about the communication protocol for parent – teacher contact on our website and at the beginning of the year.  Be sure to ask your child’s teacher about the best way to contact them.


Will my child be taking standardized tests?
Yes.  In the past, St. Angela students have taken the Terra Nova tests in third, fifth and seventh grade.  This year we will begin using a test at every grade level.  The new testing program provides more information for teachers, information which will be helpful in meeting the needs of all St. Angela Scholars.


More questions?  Please don’t hesitate to call us:  773.626.2655. 

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