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O'Rourke Prep

O'Rourke Prep


O'Rourke Prep, the dream of Principal Mary Kay O'Rourke who passed away in August 2011, became a reality in September 2012 when St. Angela scholars returned to school.  The sixth, seventh and eighth graders moved to the Cunningham building, the facility not having been used since the school population decreased late in the 20th century. 


In Cunningham, the scholars were divided into "houses" each of which was composed of students from each of the junior high grades.  In O'Rourke Prep there is a strong focus on building community:  the older boys and girls welcoming and shepherding the younger and each house competing against the other two. 


All core classes are conducted at grade level but students begin their day in "house" -- as part of a school family.  In addition to standard classrooms, O'Rourke Prep features a full science lab funded by a generous gift from a St. Angela donor.


O'Rourke opportunities include participation in the National Junior Honor Society for those who qualify; the chance to compete in writing and art competitions that result in scholarship awards; and support with the all important high school choice.

Please note that due to Covid-19, the O'Rourke Prep programming was temporarily paused and is currently being re-imagined by the St. Angela team.



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