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Get Involved!

Get Involved!

Let's ensure the success of each student by working together!

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Your child's education, their experience at St. Angela, and your own experience of their childhood will be richer if you find ways to be involved in their school life.  Throughout the year we will keep you informed about the ways that you can participate in St. Angela life:  by volunteering to help with fundraising activities or in the classroom; by coming to special school events like basketball games, concerts and meetings; by monitoring their homework and their progress in school. 


We are pleased to partner with you in helping your child become a successful student and a good citizen.  By getting involved, you help us with this work:  the most important work that any of us can do!


How can parents help their children be successful in school?

  1. Be sure that your children are rested, that they are in class daily and arrive on time.

  2. Be sure that your child is in uniform.  Uniforms help children understand their role in a classroom family and they help the faculty maintain classroom order, very important for a learning environment.

  3. Check your child's backpack daily:  help them stay current with their homework and be sure to catch any communication coming home from school intended for you.

  4. Be interested in their homework:  ask questions about what they are learning.  Even if your time with your child is limited you can use dinner time, or drive time, to stay involved in their school life. 

  5. Read to or with your child depending on their age.  There is overwhelming evidence demonstrating that children who read are more successful in school.  Sit down and read a book; have an older child read the newspaper to you; read with them as part of your daily life -- road signs when you are in the car, item names when you are in the grocery store.

  6. Limit your child's television or computer game time.

  7. Be positive about what is happening in school.  Ask questions.  Help your child feel good about going to school and performing well.

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