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Wildcat Volunteer Corps

Volunteers Live Longer and They're Happier, too!*

We’re pleased to announce that the inaugural chapter of the Wildcat Volunteer Corps (WVC) will begin work at St. Angela School in September as part of the Second Century initiative.  More than just a chance to help out a bit, the WVC will provide the structure for meaningful interaction among teachers, scholars and volunteers. 

St. Angela’s volunteer retired occupational therapist, Mary Darnall, began her work at St. Angela in October, 2018.  “What makes a successful volunteer experience,” she says, “is clear communication about opportunity and expectation, plus patience and mutual respect.  My time at St. Angela has been wonderful, really just what I’d hoped for.  It can take time for teachers to understand what you can do for them, particularly with a volunteer like me who, as an occupational therapist, has specific skills to offer.  But when they see the progress their scholars make because of those skills, they’re sold!” 

Second grade teacher Lauren Fiorentino was sold quickly.  “Ms. Mary helped two of my little guys make amazing progress with their handwriting.  We’re so lucky that she’s on our team, willing to share her extensive experience.  We teach each other, really, while sharing solutions for each child.  We all need to learn from experts; that’s how we add more tools to our own toolboxes!”

WVC formation will begin just before school starts (mid-August), when we’ll gather volunteers and teachers to talk about schedules, interests, and as Ms. Darnall said, opportunity and expectation.  Volunteers would not begin their work in classrooms until the end of September.

If you are interested in making a difference in the life of a St. Angela scholar—and in your own life, too*—check out the information on our website ( contact Lynn at 773.626.2655 ext. 103.  Thanks!

*It’s true!  See the Mayo Clinic article:  The 6 Benefits of Volunteering at

How would you like to help?

  • Read with young scholars

  • Help a small group with spelling words

  • Tutor an individual scholar in math, or science, social studies

  • Help junior high scholars prepare for the social studies test

  • Help 8th graders prepare for the high school entrance exam

  • Be part of a gardening crew!

  • Help the junior high science teacher prepare for labs

  • Help teachers plan and prepare their students to lead prayer services

Click here to download our Volunteer Survey, fill it out and then send it to St. Angela School, 1332 N. Massasoit, Chicago,  or email it

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