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Why St. Angela?

St. Angela School is a Catholic-Christian school dedicated to providing a quality education for all students so that they will be successful in the high school of their choice and beyond while learning to be active citizens and leaders in our community and future world. Dream, Prepare, and Achieve!


St. Angela School is well-known for its:

  • Faith-Based Education
    We know that our families dream that their children will become adults of faith and adults who make an active contribution in the community and society. Our faith-based education helps our students achieve these dreams.  We at St. Angela recognize and respect that our students come from diverse faith backgrounds. While our school is Christian/Catholic, we help students become compassionate, civic-minded graduates who will become active members of their communities and seek social justice in their lives.

  • Dedicated Faculty and Staff 
    Our teaching staff actively works to help our students to prepare for success, and they are with our students as they achieve that success.  Our teachers serve our children well beyond the traditional school day. Many of our teachers arrive before 7:00 a.m. to tutor individual students. Most of our teachers are active in our after-school program either tutoring or moderating a club. At St. Angela, our staff gives generously of their time and talent to help your child reach their true potential and to instill a life-long love of learning.
  • Early Childhood Program
    Preparing for success starts early at St. Angela School. The Early Childhood Center is an oasis for our youngest students, providing not only a safe and fun place, but also one where the children actively learn. The Preschool classes work on developing motor skills, social skills, and the early foundations for becoming a good reader. The highlight of the day for many students involves their daily trip to the McAuley Playroom where students run, jump and play while working on the development of large motor skills.
  • Community Involvement
    Part of preparing for success is being part of a school community where each student feels safe and loved, a community like St. Angela.  St. Angela School is located in Chicago’s beautiful Austin neighborhood. The community that surrounds the school is actively invested in the school’s success, and St. Angela is fully invested in Austin’s revitalization. Many of our alumni enroll their own children at St. Angela School because they know that we are a safe school, a school where their children will experience love from the moment they arrive until the moment they are back with their loving family.
  • Financial Assistance
    St. Angela provides a quality education for an affordable price.   We have dreams, too, and our dream is to serve the people of Austin. Therefore, financial assistance is available to those who qualify. Also, many of our families qualify for free or reduced federal lunch. Our students strive to get into the best private schools in the area. At St. Angela, we are committed to finding scholarships that will help make high school tuition affordable. We assist parents through the arduous application and essay process. The scholarships our students receive ensure that tuition does not hinder their journey towards academic success. 

Our students DREAM, PREPARE, and ACHIEVE.


Dream....for our students’ futures. Our parents send us the best they have to share, their beloved children. Both our parents and their children have heads full of dreams for the future. At St. Angela these children and these dreams become our own, and we nurture the dreams on a daily basis by giving the children the tools they need in order to succeed. 


Prepare....for high school and life. Throughout their time at St. Angela, students are taught by highly-skilled teachers who have diverse teaching styles and will work together for one purpose- to help each student succeed in high school and in life. Our teachers challenge students to meet high expectations, give them the means to achieve academically and spiritually. The students utilize advanced resources such as interactive whiteboards and our state-of-the-art science and computer labs. Upon graduation from St. Angela, our students are prepared to succeed.


Achieve...all of the goals St. Angela students set for themselves. St. Angela enables our students to be accepted into the high school of their choice so that they can get into the best colleges. Last year, every one of our eighth graders was accepted into the high school of their choice.  St. Angela graduates have dreamt of their potential, have done the necessary preparation, and have already begun achieving their goals and dreams. 


Our graduates attend some of the best high schools in the area.

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