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The Patrons Board

The Saint Angela Patrons Board consists of people with experience in education, business, banking, and government, including some alumni. Whatever their background, the members are one in their love for the school, its scholars and its staff, and they share a firm commitment to the school’s long term growth and success.


The Board assists the school administration in preparing annual and long term operational, financial, and development plans. Additionally, the Board provides support in fund raising, marketing, communications, and legal compliance. Finally, they offer guidance in relationships with school families, media, the local community, suppliers, and the Archdiocese of Chicago.


Essentially, the Board stands ready to help the school in virtually any way necessary to further its educational mission in the Austin community.


2020-21 Patrons Board
Rich Murphy, Wintrust, Chairman

Sr. Maryellen Callahan, RSM
State Senator LaShawn Ford
John Gavin, Blue Cross Retired
Carlos Guevara, ComEd
Pete Erickson, Hall-Erickson Expo

Dan Jordan, CNA
Dennis LaLiberty, Wheels, Inc., Retired

John Moran, Big Shoulders Fund

Michael O'Rourke, Signature Bank

Christine Riley, City of Chicago / St. Martin de Porres

Owens Shelby, Attorney at Law

Fr. Tom Walsh, St. Martin de Porres, Pastor

A Pat Mahoney Story

Pat Mahoney served as the chair of St. Angela's Patrons Board for many years until his sudden death in March of 2015.  His spirit is still an essential part of the Board, and lives in the memories of all the children and staff members with whom he had nearly daily contact.  This story was shared by an alumna volunteer.


I met Pat Mahoney in the Fall of 2010.  I had been helping in a first-grade classroom, and Pat was pushing a broom in the hall.  I thought he was a volunteer janitor.  Near the end of the year I met him under very different circumstances.


Our three-year-old grandson had been living with us.  Neither of his parents were able to care for him.  My son and daughter-in-law, both make poor decisions because of serious emotional and mental illness, had dropped him off at a police station the summer of 2008.   He was 18 months old.  However late 2010, his mom picked him up and decided to keep him.  Her mental state was continuing to decline and her living arrangements chaotic.  My husband and I decided to pursue custody.  We contacted several attorneys.    We could not find one willing to take our case.  Illinois is a very conservative state.  There had never been a successful case of grandparents being awarded custody of a child, unless the child had already experienced serious physical abuse while under the care of parents. 


In late December 2010, I was standing in the hall outside the principal’s office, my mind going in all directions.  Ms. Lawlor, the principal then, walked up to me and asked me if there was anything she could do.  I remember looking at her as if her words fell from the sky.  I said, “Yes, I need an attorney in DuPage County.”  She laughed and told me that if I needed a Cook County attorney, she could easily hook me up, but she said she was going to give it some thought.  That afternoon, she let me know that Pat Mahoney wanted to talk with me.  I thanked her but wondered why the janitor wanted to talk to me!

To open a pdf with the rest of the story, please click here.

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