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Thank you!  Volunteers Rock!



Big Shoulders brings us Peak 6



You make a living

by what you get. 

You make a life

by what you give. 

Winston Churchill

Three Amazing Volunteer Crews



Three amazing groups of volunteers were wonderful teammates for us as we began to realize our "Green Dreams" for our campus. We worked with a wonderful landscape designer on the project, Tari Delisi, and she in turn brought excellent teams of professionals on board as needed.  But much of the work of making us beautiful and green was done by volunteers.  Volunteers Rock!


On a day in April an ASP crew from Ascension in Oak Park helped us make great strides in Phase One and our vision began to take shape (below).  They built Gabion rock walls and benches, laid bricks and a small flagstone platform, installed railroad tie support walls and planted two beds of perennials. 

On a warm day in August Sprout Social, (pictured at right) great new friends from the Big Shoulders Fund, helped us move into Phase Three.  They cleaned, built more Gabion structures, moved boulders and planted the Potomac Avenue bed in what seemed to be solid rock! 

And on a perfectly spectacular day in September Peak 6 teammates and their families (pictured above) cleaned and weeded and laid bricks and placed boulders, really transforming our campus!

Appalachian Service Project
Teens from Ascension 
 And Big Shoulders brings us Sprout Social



Mercy Corp Volunteers


sr mary and table full of books
best scrubbing
w coffee
m and m talking to amy
Jeff in the rain
bucket and gloves
group in Mahoney room
one scrubber
bright lockers
group with mcauley

On a cold wet Saturday in April a group of Mercy Corps Volunteers spent the morning preparing an under-utilized classroom to become the new music room -- and cleaned up five raised beds in the courtyard so that our young scholars can plant the seedlings they have in their classroom.  Thank you!

Turano Bakery


A wonderful group of friends from Turano Bakery came to help with a fall clean-up on a beautiful November Saturday.  They worked in the playground, on the planters on the Massasoit side of the building and they even cleaned up the chicken run.  (Yes!  St. Angela has chickens!)  Thanks, Turano, for your time and energy.   And thanks, Big Shoulders for arranging their visit.

Ernst and Young


EY laptops.jpg
EY laptops 9.jpg
EY laptops 8.jpg
EY laptops 7.jpg
EY laptops 6.jpg
EY laptops 5.jpg
EY laptops 4.jpg
EY laptops 3.jpg
EY laptops 2.jpg

Big Shoulders brought a group of employees from Ernst and Young to St. Angela for the launch of the iPad application of the new Everyday Math curriculum.  Volunteers worked with the students of Ms. Teresa Jay's fifth grade classroom.  Thanks, Big Shoulders -- we are loving Everyday math!

OPRF Varsity Field Hockey


three talking to first grade.jpg
talking about high school.jpg
smaller group.jpg
reading w two in kdg.jpg
reading in first grade.jpg
new game in the gym.jpg
new game in the gym 1.jpg
Mr w L and C.jpg
CJ LB in library.jpg
Macarena in first grade.jpg
LB w kdg.jpg
LB reading in KDG.jpg
GD w two students.jpg
GD reading.jpg
explaining field hockey.jpg
Coach W w pumpkin project.jpg
CJ w pumpkin project.jpg

The Oak Park River Forest High School Varsity Field Hockey team visited St. Angela to present a check from the proceeds of the bake sale they held on our behalf.  Then they stayed to learn more about our school.  They led games in the gym, talked to O'Rourke Prep students about high school, read to kindergarteners, helped with art projects -- even did the Makarena.  Thank you so much -- we had a great time!

cleaning the gym 5.jpg
cleaning the gym 4.jpg
DT and volunteer 2.jpg
cleaning the gym.jpg
cleaning the gym 10.jpg
cleaning the gym 9.jpg
cleaning the gym 8.jpg
cleaning the gym 7.jpg
Cleaning the gym 6.jpg
cleaning the gym 2.jpg
Merrill Lynch


Big Shoulders brought a second group of volunteers, this time employees of Merrill Lynch who spend a rainy Saturday cleaning the gym!  They scrubbed tape off the walls, took SOS pads to grimy corners, and emptied the old store rooms that will become locker rooms when the basketball season starts.  Thanks, Big Shoulders & Friends!

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