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St. Angela's Centennial Year

Dear Friends,


The first thing that is required for a successful Centennial Year is the recognition of how momentous an event it is.  Not many Catholic schools are marking this anniversary anymore, certainly not many that have faced the hurdles that St. Angela School has faced in the last 25 years.  How fortunate we are!  

The second thing required is that we are mindful that all the normal events of the school year are a little bit special this year.  Our 8th graders will know that they are the 100th class to graduate from St. Angela School.  The prayer service for the opening of the school year will help all our scholars understand that they are part of an exciting time.  The year itself will be a wonderful lesson in history.



Finally, all of us will meditate on the responsibility that we share for the stewardship of an institution that has survived wars and a massive change in the neighborhood; turmoil in the church and the closure of the parish; financial woes, leadership changes and an old, old building.  We will recommit ourselves to taking St. Angela School forward and pledge to assure a solid start to the Second Century!

Much to celebrate, don't you agree?  I'm so happy to be part of it.  Stay tuned, come visit, get involved!


Sr. Maryellen Callahan, RSM


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