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Welcome to St. Angela School!


St. Angela School is a Catholic-Christian school dedicated to providing a quality education for all students.  Our goal is that our scholars learn to be successful at St. Angela, in the high school of their choice, and beyond; and that they learn to be active citizens and leaders in our community and the world.  Dream, Prepare, and Achieve!

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Saint Angela's Class of 2022

  • How can I help?
    You can donate anywhere from $1 to $1 billion to the Saint Angela fund. Click "DONATE" on our homepage to do so.
  • Can I take this as a tax deduction?
    Yes! Just follow these steps: DONATE MONEY Lynn will call you and thank you personally. We will send you a thank you gift basket Repeat as often as possible.
  • What's so great about Saint Angela School?
    Watch our video!
School Year 2022-2023

Registration remains open!  New families, learn how to enroll here.

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