School Opening-August 17th!

Important Information from Mr. Schooler


St. Angela will be reopening and begin receiving scholars on Monday, August 17th. We are excited and planning for a fantastic school year. 

I know all of our school families are feeling anxious to see and hear more of our reopening plan.  We are working hard to ensure our reopening is safe for everyone. On Wednesday , August 4th a video broadcast will be posted detailing OUR school reopening plan. Please continue to work with your scholars in preparation for the school year.  More information is provided in the link for the weekly blast.

  • Have your scholars practice wearing a mask at home. As they read books, work on computers, help around the house have them wear it.  They need to get used to wearing a mask, it will be worn throughout the school day.

  •  Have your scholars practice hygiene standards.  They need to practice washing their hands with soap for at least  20 seconds and using hand sanitizer routinely.

  • Have your scholars practice social distancing.  Scholars need to understand what this means and how it affects their interactions and play with others.

Follow the link below for more information on The Archdiocese of Chicago Safe School Reopening Plan. 



Weekly Blast 7.22.20

Weekly Blast 7.15.20

Click on the date for a pdf containing the full weekly blast.

We're Working on It...

  • We are currently reviewing drop off and pick up procedures to ensure everyone's safety.

  • Yes, temperature checks and face masks will be required.

  • Please hold off on buying school supplies, we are attempting to provide most of these for our scholars.

  • Our academic team is currently researching one e-learning platform that all grades will adopt.

  • Lunchtime will be different, each class will eat in their classroom.

  • We are updating our cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

  • We are grateful that we have such a beautiful campus that our scholars have a space to learn and play outdoors.


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