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The Advancement Office

Dear Friends,

My name is Lynn Fredrick and I'm the Director of the Advancement for St. Angela.  This is my fifth year at St. Angela and I'm proud to be part of the team that is securing the future of this school. 

That team includes Sr. Maryellen Callahan, RSM, our President, Sr. Mary Finnegan, RSM, our Interim Principal, Kelly Busa, Assistant Principal, and a great faculty and support staff. 


My role as the advancement officer is to secure the resources necessary for St. Angela School to serve the families of our community.  This means I raise money for scholarship, funds for particular projects -- and everything required to keep our school strong.  We raise this money with appeals to a generous and committed alumni community, requests to other donors, and granting agencies who provide operating assistance to schools.


I joined the team at St. Angela with sixteen years of experience in this field.  I served Ascension Parish in Oak Park for twelve years, and then spent four years as a consultant for the Office of Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Chicago.  My work for OCS included working with schools throughout the Arch, helping them launch or strengthen their own advancement efforts, training people taking on similar work for their schools, and writing some two dozen articles on best advancement practices for Catholic elementary schools.  I also served on the Board of the Archdiocesan Development Council, a professional organization of advancement officers in elementary and high schools throughout the Midwest.

Regardless of whether I am raising money or raising the enrollment, t is my job to inspire this response in you:  I want to be part of that.

So please, if you want to be part of our mission in Austin, if you want to help change the world for our boys and girls, call me.  I know how you can help!

Lynn Fredrick

Director of Advancement

773.626.2655 ext. 103


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