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Saint Angela Celebrates Black History Month

Each grade is celebrating the importance of Black History Month.  Here is a sampling of our creative work!

Emmet Till
By La’Nae Lockhart, 5th grade

Wow! Fourteen-year-old Emmet Louis Till lived a life from 1941 til’ 1955. His life was cut short. Not a normal story! Once you hear it, you will feel sorry for him.
One day, Emmet Till went out past the field to get some candy. However, a woman named Carolyn Bryant claimed he flirted and whistled straight in her face. Oh, she thought he is such a disgrace.

Her husband and his brother kidnapped him. They hit him in the head, which caused his face to be misshaped. They shot him and tossed him in a fire. Yes, that was quite dire.
Next, these racist men put barbed wire attached to a seventy-five-pound metal fan around his neck, and dropped him in the river. This even made Carolyn quiver. Someone needed to put them in check!
Yet, the worst part is not being able to give your son a good night kiss, never seeing him again, and the last image of him was like this...
Yes, this is him! He was not born this way. People in the world can be so cruel, but we are in a better place. We are so close to being safe!
What happened to Carolyn Bryant? She did not go to jail! Although her brothers finally did go to jail, she lived a good life! Karma never caught up with her. She lives in a retirement home right now as we speak. This shows you how whites were allowed to mistreat blacks without being punished.

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Second graders produced exciting oral presentations about African-Americans who have significantly impacted our world!

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